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Meditab utilize the latest technologies to tailor solutions that fit the needs of healthcare delivery organizations, such as: hospitals, physicians, diagnostic centers and health clinics, in addition to public health organizations.

Our customer-focused solutions were created with your specific requirements in mind so that we can deliver you results that meet your desired expectations, thus defining the perfect customer experience beyond the usual.

With our years of expertise and professionalism we assure to provide you holistic service, cost-effective products and results driven solutions that will be an asset to your own business.

We also guarantee our product functionality will meet the “meaningful use” as well as the ARRA (Stimulus) Certification standards as defined by CMS within a reasonable time period of the final standards being made available.

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Intelligent Medical Software

Meditab Intelligent Medical Software is the proven solution that meets practices’ needs and gives you more than just Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Its fully integrated Scheduler, EMR, Billing, Electronic Eligibility Tracking, Document Management, Letter Writer, Health Care Portal, and much more will turn your whole practice into an electronic medical office (EMO).

Intelligent Medical Software is delivered fully configured to your practice’s unique requirements, limiting the customization that you need to do and is supported with comprehensive implementation, training and follow up support services by professionals who have been comprehensively trained and fully certified.

Our solution was created specifically with your practice’s needs in mind ensuring that it meets the latest industry standards.

Intelligent Medical Software v14 is CCHIT Certified for Ambulatory EHR and has an integrated PMS/EHR that is affordable both for purchase and ongoing use, can be utilized as an in office (client server) or remotely hosted (SaaS/ASP) program.

With over 200 employees and over ten years of experience making software solutions, providers have come to trust Meditab because of the amazing feature set and support.

Intelligent Medical Software v14 is a HIPAA-compliant, a fully integrated EHR and Practice Management System.

The specialty-specific templates in Intelligent Medical Software can be customized to meet your unique practice requirements while streamlining billing to improve cash flow.

Intelligent Medical Software integrates your business operations with your care delivery, and the optional Health Care Portal provides a communications link with your patients for prescription re-fills appointments and more.

Meditab solutions allow you to:

  • Improve reimbursement
  • Increase practice operating efficiency and reduce costs
  • Reduce/eliminate transcription costs
  • Gain immediate information availability
  • Expedite clinical decision-making
  • Improve patient care
  • Facilitate accurate internal and external communications
  • Leverage existing technologies & methods
  • Reduce staffing requirements
  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Limit or eliminate medical or billing errors
  • Enhance patient flow
  • Improve staffs’, patients’, and your own quality of life

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