Products Overview

The sharing inherent in healthcare allows MEDITAB to not only provide a level of flexibility but also allows us to return product innovation to the healthcare community as well as to individual users and developers so that the wonderful cycle of creation is continued.

Extending this commitment, we provide cost-effective technology access to all healthcare institutions through our cost-effective, innovative, intuitive and intelligent products.

Many medical offices, MSO (Medical Services Organizations), IPA's/IPO’s (Independent Physicians Associations/Organizations), and many countries (society's poorest in particular), has taken advantage of our healthcare solutions and we have not failed to deliver them the right products that suits their requirements.

Below are Meditab’s top-notch products that are tailored-made to provide your practice the best benefits and advantages in competing in today’s ever demanding market:

Interactive Voice Reminder (IVR)

How do you decrease inefficiencies among staff while actually increasing your revenues?
Meditab's Interactive Voice Reminders (IVR) does this by dramatically reducing missed appointments.
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As Healthcare evolves, one of the most impactful segments will be internet-based patient care.

Meditab’s Healthcare Portal (built from the ground-up by physicians and pharmacists) allows patients access to a personal healthcare homepage that enables them to view and update most information related to their current health record.
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Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Meditab’s Intelligent Medical Software is the proven solution that meets practices’ needs and gives you more than just Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Its fully integrated Scheduler, EMR, Billing, Electronic Eligibility Tracking, Document Management, Letter Writer, Health Care Portal, and much more will turn your whole practice into an electronic medical office (EMO).
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Lab Interface

Lab Interface empowers you to receive your lab results electronically and upload them directly to the system seamlessly, with just a single click, when the order is placed in the EMR.

We also provide an optional in-house lab for even more time savings among staff so you can now say goodbye to manual data entry into the lab's system.
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Meditab’s e-Prescription module empowers you to retrieve patient information such as medication histories, eligibility, and formulary information and transmit prescriptions in real-time securely to the pharmacies of your patients' choice. It's easy to use and fully integrated saving you time and maximizing productivity.
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With our proven and tested efficient products designed to deliver operational effeciencies, Meditab allow you to:

  • Improve reimbursement
  • Increase practice operating efficiency and reduce costs
  • Reduce/eliminate transcription costs
  • Gain immediate information availability
  • Expedite clinical decision-making
  • Improve patient care
  • Facilitate accurate internal and external communications
  • Leverage existing technologies & methods
  • Reduce staffing requirements
  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Limit or eliminate medical or billing errors
  • Enhance patient flow
  • Improve staffs’ and patients’ and your own quality of life