Practice ON

Practice ON

Meditab, an affiliate of MedPharm Services introduces our Practice | ON initiative as an effort to demonstrate our commitment to providers nationwide as the industry moves towards integrated electronic healthcare. Practice | ON is our promise that we, Meditab Software, will continue to meet and exceed all Federal and State requirements “Ambitiously” “Completely” and “Meaningfully” allowing our users to provide better care, realize greater returns, and take full advantage of all government incentive opportunities, monetary and otherwise.

Our commitment is to be:

  • “Ambitious” in our efforts to push the envelope on Healthcare Technology, and with the input of our users, continue to set precedents for the development of practical, innovative solutions.
  • “Complete” in our Research & Development to provide electronic solutions that support total for practices of all specialties and sizes.
  • “Meaningful” in our approach to innovation and its deployment to our users.

Practice | ON means “Peace of Mind” for our users in knowing that they have selected a clinical software partner that is committed to the progression of Healthcare Information Technology and its realization in their practice.

The Rules are Final, it’s time to Practice | ON.

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