Why Meditab?

  • MEDITAB's unique vision and leadership in the healthcare community.
  • The high value of progressive thinking.
  • The momentum toward flexible, open infrastructures.
  • The technology industry demand for choices--no longer satisfied with overpriced, underperforming proprietary platforms.

The Healthcare Industry simply can't afford solutions that don't come with full assurance of stability and a reliable 24x6 support organization. They require comprehensive technology integration. All the pieces need to fit. That's where MEDITAB comes in. We design, deploy, integrate, update, manage, train, and support services and products for our clients.

From deployment, to development, to management--organizations can rely on MEDITAB expertise at every step. We offer a full range of “Solutions”, backed by MEDITAB's comprehensive services:

  • We feature Electronic Health Records (EHR's) and Practice Management Systems (PMS's)
  • We have key industry relationships with top hardware and software vendors.
  • We help customers keep their systems current, managed, and secure with MEDITAB Software, our Internet mechanism for software delivery and systems management. It's the pipeline that lets our customers tap innovation in real-time.
  • We deliver 24x6  support. Our support organization has won praise from customers around the world. Even our competitors praise us.
  • We offer a wide range of consulting and engineering services to make deployments successful—from complete migration to client-directed engineering to custom software development.
  • We have broad expertise in healthcare technology. MEDITAB is a significant contributor and maintainer of major source software. Several MEDITAB engineers are prominent source developers and members of the healthcare community.