Our Technology

Our solutions are designed and built using the latest development tools for SQL Server to support high transaction volumes and multi-site configurations.

With both technical and medical expertise, we are able to help you determine the best implementation options that would suit your organization and assist you in maintaining optimal productivity.

We offer a true enterprise-wide clinical, administrative and financial solution for real-time integration using emerging technologies.

These include HL7 messaging standards and multi-tier middleware for linking physicians, facilities, patients and payers over the internet.

Whether you run or manage a growing practice, MEDITAB, an affiliate of MedPharm Services provides you with a flexible network solution that's ideal for your needs.

The industry-standard Windows design makes MEDITAB easy to learn, easy to use, and economical to implement and support.

It’s also easy to integrate with other tools for organizing documents, images or financial data, or Internet Explorer for harnessing the power of the World Wide Web.

Result? You can maximize your investment in one product by using it seamlessly with other popular Windows-based office software products.

MEDITAB’ security complies with HIPAA regulations.

Our Integrated SQL Server database security features allow practices to restrict unauthorized access with password log-in requirements, audit trails and other access limitations.

Our implementation team can advise your practice on security features to help ensure protection of applications and data at the operating system and database levels.