Our Foundation

We utilize latest technology, creating dependable systems and solutions

Technology is ever Changing and Evolving

The system architecture of your electronic medical record and practice management software is crucial in defining its long-term capabilities.

Our system solutions offer a highly flexible design, making it both suitable and affordable for small and large practices to utilize.

Scalable Design

All systems provided by Meditab Software Inc., an affiliate of MedPharm Services allow clinics to start small and grow as their needs change - without having to change systems.

Our scalable design, built on key industry-standard and nonproprietary technologies that are crucial for long-term success, supports both the single-doctor clinic and the large multi-clinic enterprises. Our systems are built on solid and proven architecture.

MEDITAB is a client-server application that runs on industry-standard platforms. The client-server architecture allows the processing tasks to be shared between the client and server, increasing the resources available to the workstations.

A Single Data Foundation

The foundation of our Solution Series is its single Microsoft SQL Server database. In fact, it was the highest rated database design in an independent analysis conducted by Microsoft and the AAFP.

This single database not only allows for one common patient data repository amongst all our applications, but also allows us to easily provide added features and functions that other bridged systems cannot.

Clinical data flows seamlessly between all modules of our system. With security privileges, administrative staff can quickly access clinical data, and clinical staff can access scheduling and/or other data as needed. What this means to the practice is stability, speed, and expandability.

Network Compatibility

Meditab Software Solutions applications run across Ethernet networks, supporting either Microsoft Windows NT/2000 utilizing TCP/IP or IPX protocols.

For wide area networks, we recommend using Windows NT Terminal Server/Windows 2000 Advanced Server with Citrix MetaFrame (the number of servers running Citrix varies, depending on the number of concurrent Citrix users).

The MEDITAB applications can also be run over a wireless network. Battery-operated mobile devices can be run over wireless LANs utilizing standards such as the 802.11 or OpenAir standards. We strongly urge that Citrix be utilized in conjunction with wireless networks for optimal performance and reliability.


SQL (Standardized Query Language) database is the bases of our foundation.

We support both centralized and decentralized deployment models. Practices that use a single database server operate in a centralized environment. Patients stored in a single database can be accessed from single or multiple locations.

Charts can be electronically secured by practice, offering greater security for multi-clinic installations.

Interface Engine

Connections to external information are an important part of any medical record.

Patient Records recognizes the importance of interconnectivity and offers a wide variety of electronic data interchange import/export features. Patient Records features both batch and real-time interfaces to laboratories, master patient indexes, electronic claims clearinghouses and payers, and other practice management systems. We support HL7, ASTM, and other EDI’s standards.

The interfaces allow the transfer of data into and out of your EMR/EHR.

What this means to you is that you will spend less time entering data, getting better data quickly, and most importantly, getting access to information in real time.


Supports a broad spectrum of client-server architecture. On the client side, MEDITAB supports Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000, Windows XP or Vista.