Our Communication

Reality check -


The physician's office is no longer an island -- MEDITAB provide a bridge.

The days of the truly solo practice are gone.

Today's physicians are woven into a complex fabric of interrelationships that demand and require open and active communication.

No matter where you are in the new health care system, MEDITAB, an affiliate of MedPharm Services, offers an open link to the world—inside and outside of your office—that can efficiently connect you in ways that you want to be connected.

Connection and Control of your own in-house system

Patient Records can be fully integrated with your in-house practice management system.

MEDITAB also offers a fully integrated solution, linking Patient Records with Medical Billing and Appointment Scheduler.

With a modem and a PC, MEDITAB is available wherever you are, at home or away, giving you full access to any chart on any patient.

What does this mean to you? You are able to have full control and access of your patients’ medical information.

Connection to Ancillary/Secondary Data Sources

MEDITAB allows direct interfaces with critical information that you use every day, such as lab results or radiology reports.

The system is smart enough to flag abnormal results and update all the appropriate health maintenance items.

The Large Office

MEDITAB is a proven performer in handling the complex daily requirements of the large, single or multi-specialty practice.

Scanning & Faxing

Because most outside information comes in the form of paper, our software solution allows for easy insertion of scanned materials. And with our unique dot codes, scanned documents can be automatically inserted into the correct patient chart, updating all the necessary chart sections.

Additionally, the software can also be used in conjunction with a fax server, allowing prescriptions or other materials to be faxed straight from the software applications.