Our Approach

The only way to have a good approach is to nurture the best talents.

At MEDITAB, an affiliate of MedPharm Services, we recognize that our strength lies in our people.

Hence we work hard to deliver our clients’ needs through utilizing the dedication and exceptional skills of our staff. We believe that our people are distinctive in the work they do, in their ability to think out of the box and in their capability to execute their tasks beyond the standards.

Our Development Team

Our entire system has been designed and constructed from the ground up by our own team of experienced software developers with years of experience.

Unlike most companies, we own and manage the programming company.

A single team of software development professionals work together, as opposed to separate development teams spread around the country or around the world.

Because of this ideal system, our products have an intuitive and consistent look and feel with common behavior all throughout. Also, this means that we are able to deliver the latest technology in the fastest time possible.

A Single Data Foundation

The foundation of MEDITAB Solution Series is its SQL Server database.

This single database not only allows for one common patient data repository amongst all our applications, but also allows us to easily provide added features and functions that other bridged systems cannot.

Clinical data flows seamlessly between all modules of our system. With security privileges, administrative staff can quickly access clinical data, and clinical staff can access scheduling and/or data as needed.

Applying the Latest Technology

Our product is purely object oriented and utilizes the latest technologies and framework.

Our charting component utilizes XML throughout to drive efficient and flexible charting at the point of care.

All note elements utilize hyperlinks to expedite the charting process and provide quick access to all sections of the patient chart.

As opposed to other systems, our system guides the user through the patient encounter via one screen. All pertinent patient information and notes are available within one view.

Rapid Development

The EMR and practice management marketplace is evolving more rapidly than ever before.

When choosing a software vendor, it is not only important to make a decision based on what features they offer today, but also if they have exhibited a commitment to constantly upgrade their product.

Simply put, your maintenance dollars are put to work at MEDITAB.

We have assembled a large team of developers who have met the challenge and are adding valuable features to our products at one of the most rapid paces in the industry.

Rules Engine

Our system is packaged with a Rules engine that allows for implementation of preventative care protocols based on industry guidelines.

In addition, you can create your own rules based on a myriad of patient specific criteria.

The system automatically executes these rules against your patient population and presents the results throughout the application.

Not only does this create an environment for care improvement, but also can drive additional revenue by completing additional tests and procedures while the patient is inside the office.

Create the EMR You Want

Create the EMR You Want Without Programming. We have designed and built hundreds of templates across a wide spectrum of medical specialties.

However, you are not limited to just the templates we provide.

MEDITAB's EMR system comes with a template editor.

The system does not require an IT expert or a programmer to create the documentation templates you wish.

There is no need to pay us to create or modify templates.

Our system empowers you to determine the data you intend to collect and the manner in which you wish to collect it.


Tell us what you need, and we'll build it. Our Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management Software can be customized to suit the individual needs of your practice.

Because MEDITAB builds all their products from the ground up and is not a reseller of another company's software, we have the freedom to develop software that is based on our client’s needs.

Customization can even be done after system installation while the system is online.