Affiliate Program

Help Us, Help You! Help your Friends!

During these tough economic times, Meditab, an affiliate of MedPharm services is trying to help businesses see that their needs are met. We strongly believe that the key to our success is having satisfied customers with an incentive to refer us to other physicians. With such a goal in mind, we have come up with a new, innovative referral program that will benefit both the referrer (you) and the referee.

What You Gain-

By referring a physician and healthcare professionals to Meditab, your business will earn incentives which you can apply to your own projects. From these referrals, your business could earn enough incentives to reduce costs or even get free services.

  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Practice Management Software
  • Outsourcing Services
  • Back-up Services
  • Lab Interfaces
  • Patient Portal
  • Webpage Design and Marketing - SEO, and PPC
  • e-Prescription
  • Automatic Appointment Reminder Systems or IVR

To make the task of referring business to Meditab even easier, we are offering a discount to referred clients as well − we will deduct a percentage of their initial project cost also. Of course, this will occur after the referral incentives are calculated to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation.

Web Affiliate program:

Just place an add on your website. Earn for every inquiry that comes from your website.

Just need to place a code we provide on your website that says like ‘Clinic powered by IMS’ Click to learn more. A small statement that redirects to our website.

At Meditab, we not only provide you cost-effective solutions to achieve your business goals, but we also share our success because you matter to us!