Meditab’s IMS Awarded 5-Star Ranking by Top EMR Evaluation Experts-the AC Group

Choosing the best software to run your practice is an important decision.

At Meditab, we have created a top-of-the-line integrated emr, practice management, and billing solution to handle all your practice’s needs.

Meditab’s IMS comes pre-loaded with one of the largest template databases available for your unique specialty, which can easily be customized to individual preferences.

Now, to help providers make the most informed decisions, the AC Group confirms these facts having given the IMS solution, and Meditab as a company, the combined rating of 5-stars, their highest available.

In the October, 2009 report titled, “Extensive Evaluations Rank Top Practice Management and EHR Applications,” 175 vendors were evaluated by the AC Group on a range of in-depth criteria.

Meditab’s IMS was rated 5-stars when evaluated for overall practice management and EHR functionality, ease-of-use, company viability, and end-user satisfaction (p.71).

Only 12 of the other 175 vendors received this rating; many of which focus primarily on hospitals or very large practices.


AC Group Ranking of Meditab’s IMS:

  Practice Management functionality (5 out of 5 stars)
  EMR/EHR functionality (5 out of 5 stars)
  Ease-of-Use (5 out of 5 stars)
  Company Viability (5 out of 5 stars)
  End-User Satisfaction (5 out of 5 stars)

These cumulative ratings also take into account Meditab’s e-prescribing functionality, EMR-lite functionality, and preparedness for Integrated Community Electronic Health Records (ICE) (p.91).

“ICE products are designed for community systems, including hospitals, MSOs, and IPAs where there is a desire to create a community integrated patient record no matter where the patient is treated” (p.16).


According to the AC Group report, the benefits of an “ICE”-ready solution are

  • Data is entered once and can populate multiple databases
  • Patients have complete control over dissemination of clinical data per HIPAA rules
  • 92% reduction in duplicate data entry
  • 74% reduction in overall data entry time
  • 19% reduction in clinical testing
  • 32% reduction in referral tracking activities


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The AC Group is at the forefront of EMR/EHR/practice management solution evaluations and rankings, with CEO Mark Anderson having spoken at over 400 related conferences and events just since the year 2000.

Anderson has spent the last 34 years focusing on healthcare including technology questions, strategic, policy, and organizational considerations. The AC Group remains unbiased and tracks industry trends, conducts member surveys and case studies, assesses best practices, and performs benchmarking studies.

Mr. Anderson has also served as the interim CIO for the Taconic IPA in 2004-05 (a 500 practice, 2,300+ physician IPA located in upper New York).

Mr. Anderson was the worldwide head and VP of healthcare for META Group, Inc., the Chief Information Officer (CIO) with West Tennessee Healthcare, the Corporate CIO for the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Health System, the Corporate Internal IT Consultant with the Sisters of Providence (SOP) Hospitals, and the Executive Director for Management Services for Denver Health and Hospitals and Harris County Hospital District.